Confined Apes Find Happiness

After watching this video, you can't help but cry tears of joy. In this video, lab apes are relinquished from their confinement and see sunlight for the first time. What is so amazing is that you won't see them as animals, you see them as a loving family.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can you buy happiness? This question is commonly asked and cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. 

You would suppose that all rich people are happy right? Whatever they want in life, they just buy it. No problem.  But does being able to buy anything you want constitute happiness? 

When you go on a shopping brigade, how long does your new gifts bring you happiness? Not long right? Perhaps a few days later, everything would feel like how it was before. But why? This is what I refer to as, "fake happiness". Buying things you want, sure it makes you happy, but it is not the true happiness that everybody go through hills for. In fact, materialism can be a stimulant for unhappiness. When you become more materialistic, your standards of happiness raises. This completely blocks out all the small things that can bring you joy. Become less materialistic and happiness can be attained from even the smallest of things.

However, I am not suggesting that money causes unhappiness. Too little money is just as bad. Having not enough money can become a huge obstacle in becoming happy because it stops you from living to your heart's content. It brings forth many problems that you have to deal with before being able to follow true happiness.

The idea is not to be consumed with money nor have too little of it, but to have just enough to live to your heart's content.