Grab a Book

A great way to become happy is to read books. You might think that the last thing you would do is to grab a book but give it a second try. Perhaps you haven't been reading the right ones; find books that you actually have interest in. Believe it or not, books are very enlightening. Many people claim that books actually influence one's overall personality and beliefs towards life. Plus, when books start to grab your attention, it is like your mind traveling to a different world, escaping all the worries of the real one. So what are you waiting for? Grab a book!

Compliment Others

Rather than wanting others to compliment you, make today a day that you compliment others. It can be a small compliment such as giving a friendly remark about someone's hair. One small compliment can set forth positivity for the rest of someone's day. They'll feel good about themselves and you'll feel good about yourself. Create happiness.

MORE by Mark Osbourne

MORE, by Mark Osbourne, is an Academy-Award nominated film that tells the tale of a spiritless inventor who struggles in his search for the genuine happiness that he once had as a youth. However, once discovering an artificial form of happiness that he hopes to share with the world, he becomes tangled in the seam of industrialization and the lonely inventor suffers the punishments of ultimate dehumanization which takes away the last drip of happiness that resided within him.